Our story

The earliest mention of “Banarasi saree” is found in the 19th century and continues to dwell in the hearts of its admirers. It will amaze you that none of the raw materials used in a banarasi saree are made in banaras, it’s the art that lies in the hand of great weavers that creates wonders. The humming sound of the hathkargha can be heard from the numerous lanes of Varanasi which in turn adds to the melody of the city.

Over time, the handloom industry has been affected a lot because of cheaper synthetic alternatives to silk and power-loom industry. However, the intricacies and fineness of a handloom saree catches the eyes of its admirers.

Driven by this love and passion for Banarasi handloom sarees, Kasidakari was born. Kasidakari implies the art of hand and nothing elucidates banarasi saree better. We at Kasidakari Banaras thrive to deliver the intricate art of handloom sarees to the admirers as we have been doing in the last for 25 years.